We currently have a fleet of 40 well maintained trucks with a choice of Super-Link, Triaxle, 6m & 12m flat deck and skeleton trailors as well as refrigerated trailers, taughtliners to meet a variety of transport requirements. All trailers are fitted with container locks as well as chain/load binders, tarpaulins, nets and load straps for all break bulk needs. Our 30 pallet refrigerated trailers allow for cold transport.

All Waterford trucks are fitted with a sophisticated track and recovery system and are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure driver security, cargo safety and protection from theft or hijacking. Cross border & long-distance trucks are fitted with cameras for increased security and to monitor driver fatigue. Our routes are zoned to guarantee efficient monitoring of our vehicles. All unscheduled stops outside of the designated stop areas are recorded and drivers are immediately contacted to ensure their safety and that of the cargo and vehicle. Adding to the efficiency of Waterford’s service and the preservation of our quality fleet, we have our own in-house workshop with a qualified 24 hour on-call team to deal with all breakdown and maintenance requirements.